AGM 2020

NOTICE: YCSA Annual General Meeting
Wednesday 11th November 2020
1930 hrs by Zoom

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The supporting documentation for the meeting can be found below:


1. Welcome and Apologies
2. Minutes of the 2019 AGM
3. Matters arising
4. Chairmans Report
5. Treasurers Report – including retrospective items for approval
6. Election of Committee Members
7. Election of Officers (Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary)
8. Changes to the constitution*
9. Any other business

*The following proposed amendment to the YCSA constitution is proposed by the Committee for consideration at the AGM.

Details for Agenda Item 8 – Changes to the Constitution

CHANGE ONE: Clause 7d.

CURRENT WORDING: The acquisition or divestment of property which affects the Association funds by an amount greater than £2000 will require the agreement of the membership of the Association given by way of a resolution at a General Meeting 

Reason for proposing a change.

The Committee are currently restricted to an expenditure limit of £2000 per item (or group of items comprising a project). Items in excess of this limit should be referred to the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting for approval. Given the scope and scale of the work carried out by the YCSA Committee, this limit is considered by the Committee to be restrictive and counter productive. The Committee propose the following amendment:   


A maximum annual spend per year on new projects that are not grant funded (as opposed to essential maintenance or renewals) of not more than 50% of revenue income in the preceding year, subject to YCSA reserves being maintained at not less than 125% of YCSA revenue income in the preceding year.  Any deviation from the above constraints would require the approval of an AGM or EGM.

CHANGE 2: Clause 7g

CURRENT WORDING: Audited annual accounts are to be prepared by the Hon, Treasurer and the auditors appointed at each preceding Annual General Meeting.

Reason for proposed change. Currently the annual accounts are required to be audited. This would normally involve paying a substantial audit fee. As a registered Charity we are required to have our accounts checked by an “Independent Financial Examiner” and the accounts are subsequently subject to scrutiny by the Charity Commission and available for anyone to see. The General Committee therefore proposes that the annual accounts check should be by either an Auditor or an Independent Financial Examiner. This will provide flexibility and save money if an appropriate volunteer can be found to check the annual accounts. The General Committee therefore propose the following amendment: 


Annual accounts are to be prepared by the Honorary Treasurer and checked by either an Auditor or an Independent Financial Examiner as appointed by the General Committee and approved by the Annual General Meeting

Downloadable support documentation

We look forward to seeing you there.

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