Newsletter Archive

The Ystradowen Newsletter is published regularly throughout the year with a hard copy being circulated to every house in the village. It contains the latest news and features interesting articles on village activities – like who won the big prize at the village show?!

If you would like to send your news/stories/up-dates/reports or if you would like to advertise your business in the next edition, please contact us at

Below is an archive of previous copies of the newsletter.

Ystradowen News – Spring 2017

Ystradowen News – Summer 2017

Calling all Millennials- OK. So this newsletter is not Snapchat, but we’d really like you to share your news with us.  We are looking for anyone in Years 7-13 to join the editorial team. If interested, please contact the Editor or email (BTW – it would look good on those CVs and UCAS forms).

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