Annual General Meeting of YCSA 2018

For the attention of all residents of Ystradowen!

The Ystradowen Community and Sports Association Annual General Meeting will take place at 7:00pm Wednesday, 16th May2018 in the Village Hall.

At the meeting we will give an update on the exciting developments for the village including:-

  • New Village Hall Annex & Community Learning Centre
  • Parc Owain Development
  • Community Film Club
  • New Petanque Court
  • Initial Plans for Childrens Play Area in Parc Owain

We also need your support and vote to help these developments come to fruition. The committee would like to propose the following motions at the AGM.

  • Allocation of £15,600 village funds for the Annex/Parc Owain Project
  • To hold £15,000 village funds as contingency for the above Project
  • To update the YCSA Constitution to help with the management of the Association.

Details of the proposed constitution changes can be seen on the Village Hall notice board and in the below pdf.

Amended YCSA Constitution – draft changes for 2018 AGM

In summary, the proposed key changes to the 1984 constitution are:

Page2, 5g) – new Communication clause
Page3, 7d) – increase the limit for Committee decisions on property acquisition or divestment from £500 to £2000
Page4, 9c) – The Quorum for a General Meeting is amended to require 5% of the membership.

To be added:- members unable to attend a General Meeting can register their vote by email or by post. to be received before the meeting.

All changes to the constitution are acceptable to the Charity Commission.

If you are unable to attend and you wish to register a vote. Please contact Rod Howells (YSCA Secretary) and send him your vote. A template letter has been attached for your convenience.

AGM voting letter template


You can send your vote by email or post.

Email:- (your email address will be kept confidential)

Post:- Rod Howells, 3 Badgers Brook Drive.


A lot of effort has gone into the Annex/Parc Owain project so please come along to vote and show your support!

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